Inter Club Challenges NYC to GGYC – Tuesday 21Jan2014 at 3PM

Inter Club Challenges.
This Tuesday at 3PM SL time we had Open Yacht Club races.
Inside NYC nemo Tuesday slot we go on with GGYC to a race from NYC Atlantic to Glacis lsle Raceline and back in NACRA 17.
We have today the second event from a serie of race we hope to have continuity.
Yacht Clubs must work together to get better conditions for Second Life Sail. We want to promote sail for all around the world.
So we propose to race every week twice from one Yacht Club to another. After race maybe we can talk about important things or just hang out and dance.

But we need to be all together weekly racing our sailboats. And all the world must see us in race sailing all continents seas.

I am sure other clubs will join us in this work to get all Yacht Clubs more participative in global events. Everyday I see new sailors from all around

the world in all languages asking me where they can race and sail in events. And I need to send them, not to a Yacht Club, but to a forum or blog out

of Second Life. What a shame I have doing this. We can have, inside Second Life a real live forum. Live blogs inworld, sailing, learning and teaching

sailing 24 hour a day, 365 or 366 days a year. We can do it. There are a lot of new people who want to sail in fleet. But… they can’t do it in

Slsailing forum or any other “thing” forum we have out world. Forum are important, but first is sailing. To sail we need water, a boat and wind, and we

have it all inside Secondlife. And If we don’t have… we will build it together!
Let’s go, let’s sail, making a live forum in all seas and rivers from SL. All people must learn to sail. Sailing is a need like reading, writing, or

drinking water! We need to sail and races are one of the best ways to learn sail together.

Have you sailed today?
Yes? Say when, so other sailors can join you and sail together. :)

No? Let’s go! Put a boat on water and we can sail together at Blake Sea for example. There, in Blake Sea, I know we have races and sail events all

days, almost any time. And I know from forums and Gemma’s calendar we have other sailing events all around the world. And I go there all times I can.

But when we are racing or we are in a cruise together we learn better new places, new possible calendars, all.

Gemma made a hard work to have a calendar from all events giving us the possibility of sail together inside big world. Let’s make it real, inworld. All

events must be live. We need all people

I talk too much… and I need to sail more … so let’s post the results.

Sailing is a team sport. we can’t fdo it alone but we need a team.

We had here a very good spontaneous team, yes. The best.
Thank you all for be here bringing this event possible.
Thank you very much Destiny Wescott for help me geting the NYC to GGYC course on Trap Nav in time to race.
Thank you very much Kris for be there at the start line alone with no one present and join us in the Finish Line where we start for the second race. We

miss you at the finish. I hope you are ok.
Next event we need to have in place instructions of sail, a live tv, or better, someone there explain we are in course and give the landmark of finish

Thank you very much Roan for be at the line helping us to get the results. after the bug wtih the line at Atlantic. We need to take the times from the

open chat timer, but we did and here they are:
Race Results:
1: Destiny Wescott IDBSADA1 — 00:10:50
2: Wolfhard Resident IDBS092D — 00:12:40
3: Glorfindel Arrow IDBSFF36 — 00:12:54
4: VitorCr Resident IDBS0351 — 00:14:41
5: don Berithos IDBSE593 — not Finished
6: Kris Hollysharp IDBS459C — not Finished

Lap Times:
Destiny Wescott IDBSADA1 — Start: 00:00:18 — Last lap: 00:10:32
Wolfhard Resident IDBS092D — Start: 00:00:08 — Last lap: 00:12:32
Glorfindel Arrow IDBSFF36 — Start: 00:00:38 — Last lap: 00:12:16
VitorCr Resident IDBS0351 — Start: 00:00:26 — Last lap: 00:14:15
don Berithos IDBSE593 — Start: 00:00:44 — Last lap: not finished
Kris Hollysharp IDBS459C — Start: 00:07:33 — Last lap: not finished

GGYC to NYC (from mathematics after a finish raceline reset)
Race Results:
1 : Destiny Wescott IDBSADA1 – 00:22:01
2 : Glorfindel Arrow IDBSFF36 – 00:29:00
3 : don Berithos IDBSE593 – 00:29:59
Kris Hollysharp IDBS459C – not Finished
Wolfhard Resident IDBS092D – not Finished

Lap times
Destiny Wescott IDBSADA1 – start 00:01:00 – Last lap 00:21:01
Glorfindel Arrow IDBSFF36 – start 00:00:02 – Last lap 00:28:58
don Berithos IDBSE593 – start 00:00:07 – Last lap 00:29:52
Kris Hollysharp IDBS459C – start 00:00:03 – Last lap not finished
Wolfhard Resident IDBS092D – start 00:00:53 – Last lap not finished

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