Wet & Wild Q2m Results – NYC 3PM Wednesday 6 JUN 2012

It was just another day in paradise at NYC and once again we had a fabulous turnout of rough and ready sailors including some new faces and long lost friends!  Welcome, Leo, to our little Wednesday afternoon cult  ;D and great to see El Megro and Joro too!  Our breeze was southwest at 20 knots gusting to 22.  I wish I could praise the Linden Blake Sea gods as highly as our sailors but, sadly, the sim crossings and/or lag were difficult for some, including El, Victor and Kris :(  We started with 7 boats and wound up with only 3, but our hardy group weathered on nevertheless, with those who survived, and we managed to finish three excellent races.

Y’all PLEASE come and join us next week – we have a group of awesome, friendly sailors who would love to have you along for our fun rides! Don’t miss out on the wet & wild fun!


Race 1 Results:  Course  A2

1: Ronin Zane   IDRO19 — 00:14:31
2: Kris Hollysharp   IDKH47  — 00:15:09
3: joro Aya   IDSLUT — 00:15:17
4: Leo Ravenheart   IDC132 — (time not recorded)
EmmanuelMara Resident   IDEM17 — not Finished – crashed
VitorCr Resident   ID03VC — not Finished – crashed

Lap Times:
Ronin Zane   IDRO19 — Start: 00:00:07  —  Last lap: 00:14:24
Kris Hollysharp   IDKH47  — Start: 00:00:14  —  Last lap: 00:14:55
joro Aya   IDSLUT — Start: 00:00:00  —  Last lap: 00:15:17
Leo Ravenheart   IDC132 — Start: 00:00:33  —  Last lap: not recorded
EmmanuelMara Resident   IDEM17 — Start: 00:00:04  —  Last lap: not finished
VitorCr Resident   ID03VC — Start: 00:00:07  —  Last lap: not finished

Race 2 Results: Course B2

Ronin grumbled (sweetly)  that Gemma had rounded the wrong mark in Hawser, to which Gemma cried out “did not  :P ” in a most authoritative manner.  I, of course, could shed no light on the dispute since, at the time of the alleged “incident”, I had been adjusting my hair back at the committee boat in order to look pretty for the finish.  Gemma convinced me, but probably not Ronin  :(” /> and all I can say is — Thank god these are just “fun” races!

1: Gemma Vuckovic   IDGV78 — 00:16:31
2: Ronin Zane   IDRO19 — 00:17:04
3: joro Aya   IDSLUT — 00:17:17

Lap Times:
Gemma Vuckovic   IDGV78 — Start: 00:00:05  —  Last lap: 00:16:26
Ronin Zane   IDRO19 — Start: 00:00:03  —  Last lap: 00:17:01
joro Aya   IDSLUT — Start: 00:00:17  —  Last lap: 00:17:00

Race 3 Results:  Course NC

1: Ronin Zane   IDRO19 — 00:06:33
2: joro Aya   IDSLUT — 00:06:47
3: Kris Hollysharp   IDKH47  — 00:07:49

Lap Times:
Ronin Zane   IDRO19 — Start: 00:00:03  —  Last lap: 00:06:30
joro Aya   IDSLUT — Start: 00:00:01  —  Last lap: 00:06:46
Kris Hollysharp   IDKH47  — Start: 00:00:03  —  Last lap: 00:07:46


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