How To Find Us

Nantucket Yacht Club is situated on the north shore of the Blake Sea. If you’re sailing in the area, look for the white lighthouse with a single narrow red band. The clubhouse is the big building nearby.

The quickest way to find us is to click this SLURL: This should open your SL viewer and offer a teleport straight to the clubhouse.

For those that want to cruise to NYC, or just want to see where we are in the world, have a look at the charts below. Feel free to print them out for reference.

Wide view showing where we are in the surrounding regions.

We are three sims due north of the Fastnet Lighthouse, which is in Crow’s Nest in the middle of the Blake Sea.

Our immediate surroundings.


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Nantucket Yacht Club in Second Life is not affiliated with Linden Lab, or the real-life Nantucket Yacht Club